USTC cigarette blenders are experienced in developing products in multi-national markets and have the ability to exceed all expectations. The blend team will work with you to match a current blend or develop a new blend for your marketplace. We have teams of professionals in every segment of the process and they welcome the opportunity to work with new clients in creating innovative cigarette products for export.

We offer complete services for package design, with the ability to develop client ideas or start from scratch and develop packs, cartons, logos and more. Logistical execution to transport finished products from our facility to predetermined ports, free trade zones or other specific destinations can be handled seamlessly by USTC.

Additional considerations in product development for exporting cigarettes:

  • Verification of tradename and/or trademark availability in determined markets is the responsibility of the client.
  • Clients are required to supply health warnings for packs and/or cartons in countries intended for resale, and responsible for knowing how much space is required, if pictorial images are required, or if there is a rotation schedule for the warnings.
  • Distribution or retail networks are the responsibility of the client.