As USTC’s manufacturing subsidiary, U.S. Flue-Cured Tobacco Growers, Inc. (USFC) produces high-quality tobacco products for the domestic and global markets. Our 340,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Timberlake, NC, includes green leaf tobacco processing, primary processing, and cigarette manufacturing capabilities.

USFC is highly accomplished in providing customer-specific blends and unique tobacco products for domestic sale and export using the world’s best flue-cured tobacco from our contracted growers, and blended with some of the best available oriental and burley tobaccos. Experienced plant personnel coordinate the shipment of export cut filler tobacco and cigarette shipments, as well as compliance with the domestic regulatory requirements associated with manufacturing and shipping of tobacco products within the borders of the U.S.


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Key Points

  • The only tobacco company with all aspects of manufacturing under a single roof – green leaf tobacco processing/stemmery, primary blending and cigarette manufacturing
  • Experienced staff to handle product development, packaging, compliance and logistics
  • The latest industry automation and technology ensure that product quality and cost requirements meet customer expectations

USFC has the technical capability and knowledge to develop and produce high-quality tobacco products that meet customer expectations. Working closely with experienced in-house personnel, customers receive specialized blends or finished products designed to satisfy cost and sensory requirements for their designated markets. Blend development, blend matching, cigarette development, and packaging development are customer-specific and achieved by working closely with each individual customer.

Once the tobacco blend has been developed and accepted, cut filler for cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and RYO tobacco products are manufactured in-house. Cut filler can be used in-house to manufacture high-quality cigarettes or pouch products for MYO products. In addition, cut filler can also be packaged in large containers and shipped to customer locations for final assembly before being sold either domestically or internationally. USFC also has expanded stem processing, providing additional flexibility for the development of diverse blends. Significant investments have been made in the primary production area to provide the latest technology to ensure quality, cost, and performance requirements are met. A sophisticated vision system is used to remove any non-tobacco material from the process and in-line quality systems to consistently provide high-quality cut filler.

With an annual capability to manufacture 8 billion cigarettes, our cigarette making and packing area can produce king size and 100mm crushproof box products. Utilizing industry-leading making and packing equipment, equipped with laser perforation capability, inked code dating, and the latest technological advancements, high-quality finished cigarette products can be manufactured for the domestic and international markets. The plant has extensive experience in contract manufacturing and export shipments. More than 50% of the plant’s cigarette production is shipped outside of the U.S. domestic market. Knowledgeable and dedicated personnel are capable of consistently producing the highest quality tobacco products for domestic and international markets.

Our goal is to consistently provide products meeting specifications, and to show continuous improvement in our ability to satisfy our customers. The implementation of quality control procedures and the use of statistical process control ensure USFC’s ability to consistently provide top-rated quality products. Service, quality, and customer satisfaction are incredibly important to us. USFC strives to improve every day.

Our manufacturing subsidiary can provide customer-specific blends and unique tobacco products for domestic sale and export using the world’s best flue-cured tobacco from our contracted growers.