100% of USTC’s contracted growers are independently audited by GAP Connections, an organization that conducts on-farm assessments to benefit growers and tobacco manufacturers alike. Incorporating the tobacco industry’s existing Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Sustainable Tobacco Production (STP) programs, these audits verify that U.S. flue-cured tobacco sourced from USTC is produced in a manner that is sustainable and compliant, meeting total product integrity and quality requirements for both export and domestic markets.

Key Points

  • Sustainable tobacco production to promote the next generation of growers
  • Ensuring compliance, sound agricultural and labor practices
  • Total product integrity and quality surpassing market standards is achieved by our Good Agricultural Practices and STP programs
  • 100% grower audits by an independent third party

The focus of the audits is on overall farm and crop management and adherence to the highest agricultural standards. The on-farm audits are used to validate compliance with the best practices of crop rotation, seed selection, curing techniques, farm hygiene, safe use of agrochemicals, soil and water conservation, environmental footprint and strict observance of labor laws.

By implementing a 100% grower audit program with an independent third party, USTC sets the standard for the U.S. tobacco industry.

As the largest, most sophisticated tobacco farmers in the world, USTC’s contracted growers produce the best tobacco in the most sustainable and socially responsible way.