The traditional American blend includes three different types of tobacco with varying nicotine and sugar content:

  • U.S. Flue-Cured Tobacco (also known as Virginia or FCV): With its sweet taste and aroma, it’s rich in flavor and pleasing to the pallet. Leaf coloring ranges from a bright lemon to deep orange with a superior nicotine to sugar ratio.
  • Burley Tobacco: Has an impactful taste and aroma that is essential to creating the original American Blend. Burley tobacco is typically air cured where superior quality is rich mahogany red in color. Typically, higher nicotine content than FCV with negligible sugar content.
  • Oriental Tobacco (Turkish): Has a sweet taste, is highly aromatic and essential to creating the original American Blend. Oriental tobacco is sun cured with top grades in lemon to orange and greenish colors. High quality Oriental tobaccos are low in nicotine and high in sugar content.